echo_c.gifExpected Consequences of Hearing Aid Ownership (ECHO)




The ECHO survey has been designed to measure prefit expectations of hearing aid use. It was developed as a companion instrument to the SADL questionnaire. As with the SADL, it produces a global score and four subscales: Positive Effect, Service & Cost, Negative Features, and Personal Image. These scale scores can then be compared with the range of scores representing realistic expectations for hearing aid use.

The ECHO could be used to examine unrealistic expectations a potential hearing aid user may have, in order to direct counseling to address these areas before the hearing aid is issued. This may prevent unnecessary disappointment with the experience of hearing aid use.


You can download and print a copy of the ECHO questionnaire and the manual scoring documents from this page. Also you can purchase the ECHO software. The ECHO software provides a way for patients or hearing aid professionals to enter responses directly into an electronic record that can be saved for future use. Responses are scored automatically and can easily be compared to included norms.

Free Downloads:

Obtaining the ECHO scoring documents:

Format: The files are in PDF format and can be viewed, printed, and saved to your computer using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program. The 3 documents available are the ECHO questionnaire, instructions for manual scoring, and a blank template for plotting an individual's scores against norms for realistic expectations.

Translations have been provided by persons who were fluent in both English and the target language. Translation guidelines were provided. However, we cannot guarantee that translated items have not been modified from the original. New translations are added as they become available to us.

ECHO scoring software can be purchased from the AUSP Software Group at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Memphis.
Format: Version 1.0 of the ECHO for Windows scoring software is currently available.
Cost $30 (US)

ReferencesInformation about the development and research regarding the SADL may be found in:

Cox, R.M., and Alexander, G.C. "Expectations about hearing aids and their relationship to fitting outcome." Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 11: 368-382 (2000).


ECHO Questionnaire and Scoring Package
Translations of the ECHO Questionnaire

 Automatic Scoring Documents